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"200 Years of Belgian Horn School"
postgrad project at Orpheus Institute Ghent, 2001-2008

From 2001 onwards, Jeroen Billiet has intensively researched all possible aspects of the Belgian horn playing tradition. His conclusions were written down in his dissertation "200 years of Belgian Horn School, a comprehensive study of the horn in Belgium, 1789-1960", submitted to the Orpheus Institute in Ghent in 2008, with which he was awarded the title of "laureate of the Orpheus Instititute" magna cum laude.

In 4 chapters and over 300 pages, he describes music practice, players, instrumental manufacture and repertoire. More about this dissertation can be read in the review published in "the Horn Call" which you can find here.

Printed volumes of the dissertation have sold out, but it is still available as a pdf version. Please mail for enquiries.

If you are looking for specific information on Belgian horn players, instruments or repertoire, please use the mail function.