Natural Horn
Jost à Strasbourg (F), ca 1850

“Natural horn” from between 1850 and 1870 with a typical German pattern. Instruments from the “Alsace”-region (now France, before part of Germany) follow mainly a German way of construction trough the 19th century, and this instrument is no exception. When I purchased the instrument from an Antiques shop in the Strasbourg Region, it had a set of completly worn valves fitted. Soon it appeared these valves were a later addition to the instrument, probably done in the early 20th century by Roth of Strasbourg, who’s emblem is also on the bell flare. I had the instrument converted in its original condition, making a very fine natural horn that is a perfect match for the performance of Brahms parts (same period, same region as the composition of the Brahms trio!). It was used during a brahms Project with Anima Eterna.

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