Baroque Horn after Haas, Nürnberg ca 1740
Daniel Kunst Meisterwerkstatt, Bremen (D), 2007

I met Daniel Kunst during an orchestral project in Germany, where I was able to play some notes on his superb Viennese Horn. A visit to his workshop made me try his baroque horn model (made after an example of Haas, ca 1740), and immediately I knew this was going to be my instrument.

Most baroque horn-copies tend to play just like the “Classical” versions of their builders. Not so with Kunst!
The small-scale production, the amount of detail and the excentric way the horns are made (look at his Reisehorn and Double Horn!), make his instruments truly unique.
Since I got hold on this horn in 2007, it has been intensively used: for example during performances of the 1st Brandenburg Concerto, Music for the Royal Fireworks (Il Fondamento), Une Symphonie Imaginaire II (Rameau) and early Haydn Symphonies  (Les Musiciens du Louvre), Hypolite et Aricie and Guilio Cesare(le Concert d’Astrée), several Bach Cantatas, Händel Concerto a Due Cori and lots of other concerts. The bell was beautifully decorated by my student Isabel Osselaere.