Van Cauwelaert patent




Van Cauwelaert "Belgian Valves"
F. Van Cauwelaert (père) à Bruxelles, ca 1847
reconstruction work by Daniel Kunst, Bremen 2014
in collaboration with AP institute Antwerp

The Belgian ministry of economic affairs hosts a large number of historical Patents, between them many from the musical instrument makers that flourished in the past in our country. An intriguing patent is the one accorded to Ferdinand Van Cauwelaert of 1847, for improvements to the horn. Until then, valve horns had been produced in Belgium mainly by the company of Charles Sax, from whom Van Cauwelaert took over the production in 1847. The idea of Van Cauwelaert, to replace the standard Périnet valves into a system very similar to the Viennese valve system was probably inspired by instruments brought by German or Austrian bandsmen that were active in the military orchestras at that time.

The idea of reconstructing the instrument has taken a long time to establish, as I wanted as much as possible parts to be original. I could retrieve a bell and tubing from an 1860 périnet Gantois Van Cauwelaert horn, and all other parts have been rebuilt according to the original measurements. Artistic exploration of this fine instrument has yet begun, and will be continued as part of the AP-
Lyrical Horn-project.

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