Mahillon-catalogue SmitsMahillon Double patent 1907
Double Compensating Horn in Bb and F,
Mahillon à Bruxelles (succ. Smits), ca 1930

Truly the most beautiful double piston horn ever made..
This horn was retrieved from a UK collection in August 2014 and is currently in restoration. Mahillon developed an early compensating double horn and patented it in 1907. The model had a switch to manually change BB to F, and could host changing crooks. However, it appears as the first commercial examples appear only in the early 1930's. By that time, many Belgian orchestras used double horns of German produce, mainly Alexanders, and the double piston horn by Selmer was more popular. This makes these beautifully designed doubles a rare appearance.
Very rare find (only one example in Brussels, MIM)

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