Ascending Horn with thumb valve "model Garigue"
Raoux, Rue des Vieux Augustins à Paris, ca 1880

Raoux was for over a century the most prestigious maker of fine natural horns in Paris. The valve horns of this workshop still resembled very closely to their unvalued predecessors. On this particular model, made in collaboration with the French horn virtuoso Garigigue, the horn has a fourth valve at the thumb, lowering the pitch with a semitone. This not only eased the use of handstopped notes, but also added more possibilities to the lower register. It has a fixed leadpipe, the valve set is signed by Millereau (who would later take over the company).

This horn was used (a.o.) during the "Cendrillon" project with les Musiciens du Louvre and was thoroughly restored by Daniel Kunst in 2013.