Mahillon 2pst
Single Horn with 2 périnet valves "modèle Merck"
C. Mahillon à Bruxelles, ca 1865
Mahillon’s horn models were, as the ones by his competitor Van Cauwelaert, mostly inspired on French examples. This “model 499” was produced for nearly a 100 years in a 3-valve version with the Van Cauwelaert “Gantois” as his big rival.

This 2-valve 499 has a small piston block with “straight-trough” airflow and a typical perpendicular tuning slide, a very simple setup which was easy and cheap to produce. The playing caracteristics are close to those of natural horns of the era, the instrument allows (low) changing crooks up to C-basso, and the bell is suitable for the use of hand stopping technique.
This Mahillon has a dark, solid tonal colour, but a quite bad high register.These instruments were used mainly in wind bands, where players seldomly had to play in the upper register..
This horn was used for projects with Concerto Köln (Schumann), concert and radio-recording of the Mengal-trios, and in the Belgian Horn School Project.