Single Horn with 2 périnet valves, "système Sax"
F. Van Cauwelaert (père) à Bruxelles, ca 1860

This elegant 2-valve horn by the workshop of  “father” Ferdinand Van Cauwelaert was a very popular horntype among Belgian hornplayers in the second half of the 19th century. This model had been developed by Charles Sax of Brussels in the 1830‘s, and production was continued by Van Cauwelaert upon Sax’s move to Paris in 1846.

The preference for this model by the Liège hornplayer Jean Deprez, teacher in Ghent and his successors Charles Heylbroeck and Maurice Van Bocxstaele, gave it the nickname “Gantois” (the French name for inhabitants of Ghent).
This horn was built in versions with 2 or 3 valves, and kept its position as most used horn model in Belgium for over 100 years, with only small adjustments made to the manufacture process. This early specimen is very light, has a particular French-style bright sound, unless its large bore of more than 12mm. the metal used for the bell flare is extremely thin. The short valve slides make it possible to use crooks from F up to Bb alto.